Latest Yoga Articles

Mindfulness for Healthier Skin

The benefits of mindfulness practices, such as yoga, have been explored by researchers. Learn about the physical benefits of mindfulness and meditation. 

Anna PleetSeptember 11th 2017
​Person sitting quietly on a tree stump alone in nature overlooking a view of trees

Yoga and Its Impact on Lymph Flow

Lymphedema causes legs to swell and the circulation of lymph in the body to slow. Those who practice yoga improvement in swelling and lymph flow.

Megan O'ConnorSeptember 5th 2017
Woman performing yoga on a ledge over a river with a cloudy sky.

The Use of Yoga Within Dermatology

Yoga is an active way to reduce stress. Explore the role of yoga in skin care and fitness. Learn how yoga helps to reduce stress and increase blood flow.

Megan O'ConnorAugust 14th 2017
woman doing a yoga pose on beach shore during sunset

Using Yoga to Aid with Swollen Legs

Yoga is a great treatment for individuals who suffer from swollen legs. Different yoga poses can help the blood flow to swollen legs.

Megan O'ConnorAugust 14th 2017
Woman performing yoga in black leggings and on the beach with water in background