Latest Wound Healing Articles

Does Honey Help Wounds Heal?

The use of honey on wounds exists in different medical practices. Learn how you can use the antibacterial properties of honey to heal wounds.

Alexandra Vaughn, MDSeptember 11th 2017
Honey dripping into a metal spoon and then dripping into a white bowl​

Quality of Life with a Chronic Wound

When finding chronic wound relief, you should consider the psychological effects. Learn about the quality of life in chronic wound healing.

Megan O'ConnorAugust 10th 2017
Elderly woman with swollen legs walking with cane in hospital and holding arm of another woman

Natural Remedy Research: Honey for Wound Care

Honey is a natural remedy for wounds. Wounds can be healed with a honey wound dressing and learn about the research behind honey. 

Ramses DelgadilloJanuary 7th 2017
Jars of honey for wound care