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Which HPV Warts Cause Cancer and How Can You ...

Some HPV warts can cause cancer while others do not. Learn how you can identify cancerous HPV warts.

Nicole NagraniAugust 3rd 2018
woman with hpv warts witting on beach

Do HPV Vaccines Protect Against All Warts?

HPV vaccines are used to treat genital warts, but do the benefits of HPV vaccines cover all warts?

Nicole NagraniJuly 30th 2018
Woman with yellow shift receiving the HPV vaccine in the left arm

Is It a Callus or a Wart?

Warts and calluses can look similar. Warts are infections while calluses develop from friction. Learn how to tell and treat.

Alexa HerzigMay 20th 2018
hands and feet of woman standing on rocks