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A Closer Look on Skin Lightening: A Result of...

People seek to lighten their skin under certain societal pressures. Learn whether skin lightening is due to confidence or societal pressure.

Pearl DoanJune 27th 2018
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Cause and Treatment of Melasma During Pregnan...

Melasma is a skin condition that is common during pregnancy. Learn about different treatments for melasma during pregnancy and what melasma is.

Megha Trivedi, MDSeptember 11th 2017
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Changes in Skin Color During Pregnancy

Skin care during pregnancy can change. Things to expect are melasma, skin color changes, and stretch marks.

Megha Trivedi, MDJanuary 17th 2017
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A Practical Approach to Treating Melasma

The appropriate melasma treatment depends on its cause. Learn about the different treatments for melasma and skin darkening and what is right for your skin.

Dermveda Content TeamOctober 22nd 2016
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Unique Features of Melasma

Melasma is unique to each person just like the treatment is unique to each individuals. Melasma can be triggered by hormones.

Dermveda Content TeamJuly 21st 2016
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