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The Best Makeup Remover for Your Skin Type

Your skin is specific to you, and so should your makeup remover be. Learn what is the best makeup remover for your skin type.

Tara GhalamborApril 23rd 2018
bottle of micellar water as makeup remover and other products

Most Common Causes of Eyelid Eczema

Eyelid eczema is especially itchy and uncomfortable. Understand the causes and find a treatment for eyelid eczema. Read to eliminate eczema triggers. 

Alexa HerzigApril 12th 2018
Woman with green eyes and normal eyelids

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Wear Your Make...

Makeup can stress your face at the gym. Learn 3 reasons why makeup can cause your skin to break out when working out.

Eunice KimMarch 22nd 2018
Woman working out with weights

What's in Your Cosmetics?

It's important to know which cosmetic ingredients to use and avoid. Learn about the healthy alternatives to harmful cosmetic ingredients.

Corinna WoodcockJuly 28th 2017
Sparkling brown makeup powder with brush and powder spilled on table

Makeup How-To: Snappy in 7!

Quick makeup look to get you out the door faster. cover dark circles, cover pimples, and have glowing skin all day.

Anais Foley-KennedyFebruary 17th 2017
Busy woman applying makeup in care side mirror

Sparkle & Shimmer Into the New Year!

Sparkle on New Year's with glitter polish, face highlter, shimmer eyeshadow, and other fun beauty tricks!

Anais Foley-KennedyDecember 31st 2016
Woman blowing starts from her hands

Beauty Review: "Face Saving" Makeup

The right full coverage foundation can be difficult to find. We reviewed products so you can find the best full coverage foundation for your skin.

Sonia SinghDecember 15th 2016
Smiling woman with flawless skin

Ayurvedic Care for Beautiful Eyes

Use Ayurvedic care to take care of your beautiful eyes. Your eyes can use some love, just like your skin. Read more to take care of your eyes.

Melanie SachsOctober 7th 2016
beautiful woman with dark red lipstick and colored eyes