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Find Mental and Physical Strength Through the...

QiGong is an ancient tradition from China that engages both the body and the mind. Learn more about how QiGong can support physical and mental health.

Joseph Alban, MS, LAcAugust 25th 2018
Woman in qi gong pose outside in yellow field under blue sky

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Looks at the...

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) looks to organ disharmonies. Learn how internal organs reflect skin from a Chinese Medicine perspective. 

Kristin Blake, MOM, LAcJuly 23rd 2018
internal organs model for chinese medicine

Pao Zhi: The Art of Preparing Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs can be prepared in several ways to give them their final effect. Learn how Chinese herbs can be prepared and how it can change their effects.

Christina Kung, DAOM, LAcJuly 22nd 2018
Two old kettles boiling on the stove

An Overview of Acupuncture

Acupuncture can be used for the treatment of skin conditions. Read on to learn how acupuncture works for skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and more. 

Joseph Alban, MS, LAcJuly 22nd 2018
​Acupuncture needles placed on the back with practitioner hand visible

Four Stress Reducing Complementary Therapies ...

Alternative therapies can help treat psoriasis.  Natural treatments can help alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis.

Adrianna GonzalezJuly 15th 2018
Psoriasis on the back in a clinic room

Physiotherapy and the Impact of Exercise in P...

Psoriasis is improved with exercise. Learn about the science behind exercise and the traditional Chinese medicine explanation for exercising with psoriasis.

Alexander ArringtonJuly 15th 2018
asian man playing basketball to exercise for psoriasis

Indigo Naturalis for Psoriasis

​​Indigo naturalis can treat psoriasis. Learn how to treat skin and nail psoriasis with this commonly used herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Elizabeth Usedom, MDJune 17th 2018
 indigo naturalis for psoriasis

Acupressure: Benefits for Your Mind and Skin

Acupressure has various benefits for the skin and overall health. Learn about the health benefits of Chinese acupressure therapy.

Christina Kung, DAOM, LAcMay 21st 2018
acupressure point on foot

5 Foods to Start Eating to Help with Rosacea

Learn the best five foods to help improve your rosacea. Rosacea diet or foods that work well with rosacea may be the rosacea cure you are looking for. Read more here. 

Caitlyn DagenetApril 7th 2018
Fruits and vegetables with tomatoes eggplants cherries peaches spinach

Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Nail...

Nail health reflects the health of your overall body in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Read the importance of liver balance for nail health in TCM.

Kristin Blake, MOM, LAcFebruary 21st 2018
nail health TCM perspective

Skin Story: Parenting a Child with Eczema

Parenting a child with eczema can cause extra stress and some depression. Baby eczema, toddler eczema, and child eczema can be easier to manage with correct information when looking for eczema treatment.

Alexis MeyerFebruary 18th 2018
Child with skin condition on face

Green Tea for Skin Care and Glowing Skin

Green tea skin care has been used for centuries and has skin benefits. Learn more about the science behind green tea (Camellia sinensis) for skin health

Jason Derico, NDJanuary 4th 2018
Green tea in circular see-through pot next to white circular cup on table

Witch Hazel: Uses in Eczema

Witch hazel can be used as an astringent to help treat eczema. Learn how natural herb witch hazel can be used for itchy skin, eczema treatment, and eczema relief.

Jason Derico, NDDecember 7th 2017
Witch hazel flowers blooming outdoors that are used for the skin

Finding the Right Approach to Treat Psoriasis

Finding the right psoriasis treatment can be difficult. Here’s how to find the right approach to treat your psoriasis.

Raja Sivamani, MD, MS, APAugust 10th 2017
 Woman holding orange mug sitting on a straw chair without psoriasis

Traditional Chinese Medicine Primer

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a holistic medical system. The ying and the yang of health along with the qi vital energy are important components. Read how to incorporate TCM into your skin care routine.

Dermveda Content TeamJuly 8th 2017
Traditional Chinese medicine skin summary and skin schematic

How to Find the Right Moisturizer for Eczema

Finding the right moisturizer for skin with eczema can help prevent breakouts and control skin. Different types of oils, balms, lotions, and dyes help skin.

Vivian Shi, MD May 13th 2017
​young boy child with short black hair wearing a red tank top running laughing playing in the street with bubbles

Integrative Skin Series: Finding the Right Ap...

The right integrative approach for acne treatment depending on the type of acne bumps along with your pores and bumps. Learn how to treat blackheads

Joseph Alban, MS, LAcMay 2nd 2017
Couple sitting in front of a lake next to a tree

Natural Acne Treatment: Ah Shi Point Acupunct...

A natural acne treatment you should consider is Ah Shi Point Acupuncture. Acne treatments can be full of chemicals but this is a natural acne treatment

Joseph Alban, MS, LAcDecember 28th 2016
Girl with acne who is using acupuncture as a treatment

Chinese Herbs For Psoriasis

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a long history of treating psoriasis. Learn how herbal formulae in Traditional Chinese Medicine treats psoriasis.

Joseph Alban, MS, LAcSeptember 11th 2016
Chinese herbs on wooden table next to Chinese writing

What Is Cupping?

Chinese Cupping is an ancient therapy Traditional Chinese Medicine. Facial cupping can help treat many conditions including stress, arthritis, and acne.

Joseph Alban, MS, LAcAugust 7th 2016
Cupping devices arranged upside down

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Eczema

Chinese herbal medicine is common for eczema. Chinese medicine looks for the underlying imbalance causing eczema. Formulate Chinses herbs for eczema treatment

Joseph Alban, MS, LAcJuly 18th 2016
Copper mortar and pestle in front of wooden drawer shelves in background

Five Reasons Why Acupuncture Helps Eczema

Acupuncture can be used for eczema treatment. Here are five reasons why acupuncture can make an excellent eczema therapy. Get eczema relief with acupuncture.

Joseph Alban, MS, LAcJune 30th 2016
Acupuncture needles in the upper back

Does Cupping Help Eczema?

Cupping is a useful eczema treatment. Treat your eczema with cupping therapy. Understand cupping points for eczema how cupping for eczema can be your treatment.

Joseph Alban, MS, LAcJune 26th 2016
Cupping on the back of a woman with cupping marks

How Does Cupping Help Acne

Cupping for acne is a Chinese therapy used for treating acne. Understand how cupping works for acne. Learn cupping points for acne and why acne cupping works. 

Joseph Alban, MS, LAcJune 13th 2016
Cupping on the back on the woman