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Squalene is found in many skin products. See how it may change how your skin products react on your skin

Alexis MeyerAugust 25th 2018
Swimming sharks with shark fin for skin ingredient squalene

The Role of Zinc for Acne

Zinc can be used as an acne treatment. Zinc supplements can help with acne. Learn how to use zinc for acne.

Rebecca QuinonezAugust 25th 2018
zinc sulfate tablets for acne

How Is Folliculitis Related to Acne?

Folliculitis is a name for skin conditions where there are inflamed hair follicles. Hairs can be effected all over the body, on arms, legs, face, and back.

Alexandra Vaughn, MDJuly 22nd 2018
​Woman in white tank top looking at her face reflection in a mirror

What to Expect with Accutane for Acne

Learn about how Accutane (isotretinoin) can help acne. Learn about side effects and the do's and dont's of Accutane from experts.

Nicole NagraniJuly 22nd 2018
Indian male with severe nodulocystic acne

Skin Surface pH in Acne Vulgaris

The pH of your skin is important for healthy skin. Learn how the skin pH changes in acne and what you can do about it.

Hannah YanJuly 20th 2018
woman with normal skin surface ph in acne vulgaris

The Tiny, Microscopic Reason Behind Your Zit:...

The C. acnes bacteria is a cause of acne but it's not so simple. Research shows that the diversity of the C. acnes bacteria and the skin microbiome matter.

Pearl DoanJuly 4th 2018
woman with braided hair in front of lake in tank top without acne

How Do Genes and Environment Affect Acne Diff...

Is acne genetic? The latest acne research explores whether acne is genetic or environmental.

Hannah YanJuly 4th 2018
woman with acne sitting outside next to tree

The Subtypes of Rosacea and How They Are Diff...

Rosacea can involve redness, red bumps, and swelling on the face. Learn about the four types of rosacea that are frequently mistaken for acne. 

Alexa HerzigJune 21st 2018
Rosacea vs Acne

What are Barberries and Do They Help Acne?

Berberine (found in barberries) can be help in treating acne. Learn about the benefits of berberine and its various uses for acne treatment and the skin. 

Nicole Olayon, MSNMay 23rd 2018
Red barberries on bush

Skin Story: Living with Acne

The best solutions for acne can be found by visiting a dermatologist. Read about this teenage acne experience and skin care advice for acne.

Alexis MeyerMay 13th 2018
asian man thinking outdoors about acne experience

5 Easy Tips to Avoid Acne

Acne can be frustrating and embarrassing. Here are 5 easy tips to take better control of acne.

Eunice KimMay 12th 2018
Girl covering acne on face with white sheet

Skin Story: A Personal Experience with Isotre...

Isotretinoin is commonly prescribed for acne. One college student shares her experience with isotretinoin for acne treatment.

Alexis MeyerApril 29th 2018
girl with clear skin wearing glasses resting on tree

Rubber Face Masks – the New Secret to Good Sk...

Rubber skin care masks for your face may become part of your new skin care routine, helping to clear up skin conditions.

Tammy WuApril 28th 2018
Beautiful asian woman smiling and holding her shoulder.

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Wear Your Make...

Makeup can stress your face at the gym. Learn 3 reasons why makeup can cause your skin to break out when working out.

Eunice KimMarch 22nd 2018
Woman working out with weights

Gold Nanoparticles for Acne Treatment

Gold nanoparticles may be the newest acne treatment for your skin. This acne treatment may be a little boujee. 

Alexis MeyerFebruary 24th 2018
Gold makeup on the face with golden iris

How Well Do Pore Cleansing Strips Really Work...

​​Pore strips are known for preventing blackheads, dirt, oil, sebum from clogging pores. Here’s what you need to know about pore cleansing strips.

Tammy WuFebruary 14th 2018
used pore strip

Ceramides: The Skin's Natural Barrier Protect...

Ceramides are important for a healthy skin barrier. Learn about ceramide skin care products and how ceramides help your skin.

Hannah YanJanuary 9th 2018
Moisturizer and bottle of lotion with ceramides

Can Makeup Worsen Acne

Does acne-fighting makeup work? Find out what makeups are best to wear when you have acne. Some makeup is made for acne skin. Find the makeup for your acne

Alexandra Vaughn, MDDecember 8th 2017
​Mirror, red lipstick, and facial powder with brush

Approaching a Facial When You Have Acne

Facials can be damaging to acne prone skin. Learn the proper steps, what to expect from a professional, and how to tailor to your skin with acne.

Dermveda Content TeamDecember 5th 2017
​Brunette woman receiving facial massage with white towel on her forehead

How Does the Microbiome Control Our Skin's Ge...

The microbiome and epigenetics may be related to benefit your health. The skin's genes are sensitive to good and bad bacteria. Click to learn more

Elizabeth Usedom, MDSeptember 18th 2017
mother and daughter swimming in lake and sharing a kiss together

The Epigenetics of Acne: Environment vs Genet...

​The genetics of acne can be changed by environmental influences. Learn environment vs genetics for acne. Click to learn acne genetics.

Elizabeth Usedom, MDSeptember 18th 2017
Brunette with clear face sitting on a canoe on the water with a man sitting behind her holding her shoulders

Mindful Nutrition: Dairy, Friend or Foe in Ac...

Nutrition is important in acne and dairy may cause acne to flare. Learn more about how dairy influences acne and if dairy should be avoided with acne. 

Steven LamAugust 18th 2017
Milk splashing with two chocolate chip cookies on a table

The Influence of Vitamin D on Acne

Cholecalciferol, or Vitamin D3, is an essential vitamin that plays role in immunity. Learn how Vitamin D may improve your acne and give you clear skin.

Jason Derico, NDAugust 15th 2017
Woman with sunglasses outside in sunshine holding flowers

How Is Acne Different in Darker Skin?

Acne is one of the more prevalent dermatologic conditions in people with darker skin. The skin reacts to inflammation by producing more of the melanin pigment.

Rebecca QuinonezAugust 6th 2017
​Indian woman with dark skin wearing turquoise blouse and watch covering mouth and nose with eyes closed

Quality of Life in Acne

Stress is one of many psychological effects of acne. Learn about the connection between psychological stress and acne.

Megan O'ConnorJuly 23rd 2017
Young male in red and black striped shirt looking as if in deep thought with trees in background

The Role of Saunas in Acne

Do saunas and sweat rooms help or hurt acne? Saunas can be used as an acne treatment. The sauna helps you sweat out impurities. Learn whether sweat can cause pimples.

Alexander ArringtonJune 18th 2017
​Woman wrapping in white towel sitting in sauna

Benzoyl Peroxide vs Salicylic Acid for Skin C...

Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are common active ingredients in acne treatment. Learn if benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid is best for your skin.

Corinne PenrodJune 11th 2017
​Petite woman with red hair loosely tied in a bun wearing a black tank top looking to her left

Safety of Acne Medications During Pregnancy a...

Your acne treatment routine may need to change while pregnant. Not all acne medications are safe during pregnancy. Learn what acne treatment is safe for you.

Megha Trivedi, MDMay 22nd 2017

A Healthy Microbiome for Clear Skin

Gut microbiome health may be an important determinant of healthy skin. Learn how your skin microbiome is related to gut health.

Alexandra Vaughn, MDMay 14th 2017

Nicotinamide for Inflamed Skin

Nicotinamide is used to treat various skin conditions. Learn how your can use nicotinamide in your skin care.

Alexandra Vaughn, MDMay 13th 2017
Beautiful dark blonde girl smiling wearing white v-neck shirt red plaid shirt​

Do IUDs Cause Acne?

New IUDs may worsen or improve acne. Learn about the effects of IUDs and progesterone on acne and how it compares to other forms of birth control.

Megha Trivedi, MDMay 13th 2017
hormone releasing intrauterine device

Spironolactone to Combat the Hormones of Acne

Spironolactone may be a great treatment for hormonal acne because it lowers sebum production helps prevent plugging of pores, which in turn reduces pimples.

Vivian Shi, MD May 13th 2017
Woman on the beach in sweater with wind blowing her brown hair

Integrative Skin Series: Finding the Right Ap...

The right integrative approach for acne treatment depending on the type of acne bumps along with your pores and bumps. Learn how to treat blackheads

Joseph Alban, MS, LAcMay 2nd 2017
Couple sitting in front of a lake next to a tree

6 Signs that Your Acne May Be More than Just ...

What causes acne can be a sign of other skin conditions. Learn what things that cause pimples make it more complicated. Your acne could actually be rosacea. 

Rebecca QuinonezApril 25th 2017
Side view of Asian woman holding and looking into a mirror

How To Improve Acne Scars

Finding the right treatment for acne scars can help the skin heal. Different treatments such as a chemical peel can improve acne scars. Get rid of your acne scar

Alexandra Vaughn, MDApril 23rd 2017
beautiful woman wearing white cream sweater dress and diamond earrings

4 Underused Supplements for Acne

Supplements can be taken to treat acne. Acne supplements can be great acne treatments. Learn how supplements like zinc and Vitamin A can help with acne.

Antonella Aguilera-Ruiz, NDMarch 27th 2017

5 Ways Obesity Is Related to Skin Problems

Obesity is related to various skin problems like Acanthosis nigricans and skin infections. Read how weight and diet affect your skin and cause skin issues.

Alexandra Vaughn, MDMarch 27th 2017

Healthy and Unhealthy Food Habits In Acne

When it comes to acne, diet plays an important role. Acne treatment should deal with diet. Learn the connection between diet, acne, & clear skin food.

Antonella Aguilera-Ruiz, NDMarch 21st 2017
Bacon hamburger with french fries on a red square plate and a glass of whiskey on a leather seat

DIY Face Mask: Balancing Oily Skin During Kap...

Balancing your oily skin during kapha season can be done with your very own face mask made at home. Balance your oily skin and find a skin care routine that works for your oily skin.

Amy Branum, AHPMarch 3rd 2017
Woman wearing sweater during cool, damp, kapha season

A Mindful Approach to Acne

Stress and acne have been shown to be closely related. Learn how to use meditation and mindfulness to manage stress and acne.

Antonella Aguilera-Ruiz, NDFebruary 21st 2017
Woman practicing mindfulness yoga on the beach for clear skin

Topical Retinoid Medications: Tretinoin, Adap...

The most commonly used prescription-based topical retinoids are tretinoin, adapalene, and tazarotene, but there are others that are used less often including alitretinoin.

Raja Sivamani, MD, MS, APFebruary 1st 2017
​Black woman with short hair wearing a black shirt and large hoop earrings standing in the street looking to the left

Natural Acne Treatment: Ah Shi Point Acupunct...

A natural acne treatment you should consider is Ah Shi Point Acupuncture. Acne treatments can be full of chemicals but this is a natural acne treatment

Joseph Alban, MS, LAcDecember 28th 2016
Girl with acne who is using acupuncture as a treatment

Stress and Acne

Psychological stress can have a major effect on acne. Stress has been proven to cause acne. Stress acne treatments include relaxing, yoga, and meditation. 

Jason Derico, NDNovember 10th 2016
Crossroad sign with words stress and relax

What Does Non-Comedogenic Mean?

Non-comedogenic ingredients are commonly listed on sunscreens, moisturizers, face washes, and makeups. Are “oil-free” and “non-irritating" products effective? 

Corinne PenrodAugust 14th 2016
​Skin cream in white jar

Why Do Doctors Use Antibiotics To Treat Acne?

Antibiotics are effective but their use should be carefully considered. Antibiotics can be used to treat acne or as a cure for acne.

Dermveda Content TeamAugust 11th 2016
Red and white antibiotic pills and capsules next to a glass of water

Should I Exfoliate To Help Acne?

When exfoliation is done carefully, this can help to reduce how often pores become clogged and reduce the number of comedones that form that can cause acne.

Dermveda Content TeamJuly 22nd 2016
Acne lesions on the cheek and nose

Probiotics: A Bacterial Balancing Act for Ski...

Probiotics can be used for acne. Learn how harmful bacteria can be fought with probiotics for the skin care.

Erika StalderJuly 13th 2016
Schematic of bacteria as purple rods on black background

Essential Oils for Acne

Essential oils can be used as an acne treatment. Here are some anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial essential oils that can be used as an acne treatment.

Amy Branum, AHPJuly 5th 2016
Multiple herbal oils arranged in glass containers with wooden corks

Should I Pop My Pimples?

Resist the urge to pop your pimples. Popping pimples can cause inflation. The ance bumps get irritated and cause redness it is best to leave pimples alone and not add bacteria or scaring to your face. 

Vivian Shi, MD July 2nd 2016
Woman popping a pimple on the right cheek

Acne Foods: Do's and Don'ts

The foods we eat can help reduce or worsen acne. Find out which diets prevent pimples and what ingredients to avoid for acne treatment.

Joseph Alban, MS, LAcJune 24th 2016
Mediterranean diet with fish avocados lime, and bread on white plate with garnish on wooden table

Acupuncture and Acne

Acupuncture for acne can be used to treat acne breakouts. Learn how acupuncture can benefit your skin to treat acne. 

Joseph Alban, MS, LAcJune 17th 2016
Acupuncture needles inserted into the hand

How Does Cupping Help Acne

Cupping for acne is a Chinese therapy used for treating acne. Understand how cupping works for acne. Learn cupping points for acne and why acne cupping works. 

Joseph Alban, MS, LAcJune 13th 2016
Cupping on the back on the woman