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Xanthelasmas are skin lesions that are filled with lipid (fat) and frequently show up as yellows papules under the eyes. 


Xanthelasmas commonly appear as yellowish bumps on the eyelids and around the eyes.


Xanthelasma typically occurs spontaneously with no underlying lipid disorder in the body, although researchers are looking into whether or not xanthelasmas are markers of atherosclerosis, even if lipid levels in the blood are normal.[1]


There are no topical medications to treat xanthelasma.  If this condition is occurring due to an underlying lipid metabolism problem, medication to control hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia can be started. However, most xanthelasma are not related to cholesterol or lipid levels in the blood. 

The primary treatment is surgical removal. Ablative lasers, electrosurgery (heat used to burn the lesion off), and cryotherapy have also been used. Treatment of existing lesions does not mean that new ones will not appear in the future. 

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