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Venous lakes are purple lesions that commonly appear on the skin. Venous lakes are not concerning for a skin cancer although many people seek their removal for cosmetics reasons. 


Venous lakes most often appears on the skin as a dark blue, purple or reddish bump that can be easily compressed and its color momentarily blanched with pressure. The ears and mouth are common sites of occurrence. 


Venous lakes occur at an area of local dilation in a vein. One theory is that long-term sun exposure leads to loss of the elastic tissues in the dermis allowing for dilation of the superficial veins. Some have suggested that venous lakes should be used as a marker of long-term sun exposure and as a reason to examine for skin cancers.[1] 


  • The affected portion of the skin and vein can be removed surgically.
  • Heat through electrosurgery and laser therapy may be used to remove venous lakes.

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