Tinea (Superficial Fungal Infection)

Tinea infections are fungal infections that can involve many parts of the body like the hair, nails, and the skin

Medical Perspectives

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Tinea is also called dermatophytosis or “ringworm”. It is a fungal infection of the skin where the fungus infects the most superficial layer of the skin, hair and nails. Since “worms” do not actually cause tinea, the term “ringworm” is an inaccurate name for the condition. The term is often used because the rash appears in the shape of a ring. Tinea is one of the most common skin infections seen by dermatologists worldwide.[1] Up to 25% of the people may be affected by tinea.[1] Tinea infections are not serious, but can be uncomfortable because of itching and burning. Western medical approaches focus on treatment with antifungals and

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