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Syringomas are small growths on the skin that often appear as yellowish or skin-colored flat bumps.


Syringomas are common on the lower eyelids and face. In some instances, they can occur in an “eruptive” manner and appear very rapidly on the face, neck, chest or genitals. There are rare cases of genetic conditions that predispose members of a family to developing syringomas.[1]



The cause of syringomas is unknown. Syringomas form from overgrowth of the cells that make up the eccrine sweat glands but the reasons for why these cells overgrow have not been uncovered. 


Syringomas are benign growths and are not medically dangerous. Therefore, they can be left alone untreated. However, if treatment is pursued a healthcare provider may use the following procedures with the goal of removing the lesions:  

  • Heat via electrosurgery
  • Surgical removal
  • Ablative laser therapy

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