Acacia Senegal Gum

Acacia senegal gum, or just acacia gum, is the gum of the acacia tree, a broadleaf plant indigenous to South Africa. Acacica gum is an indigestible fiber. Traditionally, acacia senegal gum is used topically to treat dental plaque and inflammatory skin conditions.


Acacia gum can be applied topically on the teeth as a gel to treat dental plaque. (Pradeep AR, et al. 2010)

Acacia gum can also be applied on the teeth to treat gingivitis. (Singhal et al. 2018)

Acacia gum, in the form of a gel, can be applied on the skin to treat inflammatory skin in traditional folk medicine. (Ali et al. 2013)


Acacia gum can be applied topically as a gel.

Acacia gum can be ingested as a powder mixed with water.