Carola May


Skin Care Philosophy


Founder of Dahliana, Carola May worked as a clinical aesthetician for the past 20 years and this experience has given her incredible exposure to both dermatological science and the skincare industry. Her deep-rooted passion stems from several different life chapters, all which converged into one meaningful point in 2011. Her background, her upbringing and her education have each had individual influences on the Dahliana brand.

The story actually starts in early childhood with her European mother who loved all things of nature and beauty. Carola's mother also instilled the lifelong habit of a bath and beauty ritual that coincided with luxury, shaping her formative years with diligence and a quality start. 

At sixteen, came India, Ayurveda, and an introduction to the power of plant based medicine. Though she was only there for two years, the mountains and meditation shaped her profoundly and wholly. It was while living in an Indian Ashram Carola was exposed to the healing properties of natural ingredients and holistic therapies, a wisdom that has resonated decades since.

When she moved to California she began working with a dermatologist at an exclusive Mill Valley practice. The firsthand knowledge she gained over those 10 years was invaluable, treating troubled skin, healing skin and recognizing ailments. But, she had an epiphany one day as the stress of city life started to catch up, and she realized that she needed to get away from the pressure and toxins that were all around her.

She retreated to the beautiful Sierra Mountain foothills, adopted a clean new diet and went 100% natural. It was during the search for an all-natural skin care line, one that would match her eating and living habits, that she saw a need for effective natural skincare; and Dahliana was born.