What to Look For in an Essential Oils Company

It's good to be picky when it comes to essential oils companies

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Amy Branum

When choosing essential oils, you’ll want to be picky. Pure, high-quality oils are not particularly easy to find. Keep in mind that this industry is a huge new market, and there are plenty of companies out there who may substitute quality for quantity.

If you are applying essential oils to your body in any way - internally, externally, or aromatically – you should ensure that you’re using high-quality oils, both to maximize the therapeutic benefits and avoid unnecessary toxins.

What to Look For in a Company

The term “therapeutic grade” does not necessarily speak to the quality of essential oils. Unfortunately, there are no formal standards for therapeutic grade essential oils. This term was actually coined by essential oil marketers in the 90s as a buzz phrase and marketing tactic.

You do want essential oils that are extracted without chemicals, but the term “therapeutic grade” does not guarantee that. That said, I personally do not recommend buying from multi-level marketing (MLM) essential oil companies, as it is harder to know what you’re actually getting.

I recommend companies with the following attributes:

  • Smaller companies dedicated to education and safety for the public.
  • Companies whose primary audience is professional aromatherapists.
  • Companies/owners that thoroughly research their distillers and have a personal relationship with them.
  • Companies that can provide a specification report on every essential oil they sell.
  • Companies that source sustainable plants for their essential oils.
  • Companies/owners who are well respected and have an exceptional reputation among aromatherapists.

I also recommend trying different suppliers’ oils before you commit to a brand. Try comparing the same oils from different brands and you’ll begin to feel the difference in quality.

My Personal Favorites

Of the essential oil companies that are easier to find in retail stores, my absolute top preference is Floracopeia. I really appreciate Floracopeia’s integrity. They only source sustainably produced oils and work to find distillers who are reputable and do not sell adulterated oils. I also appreciate that the owner teaches essential oil safety, always recommends diluted oils and discourages their internal use unless under professional care.  

I also really like Simplers Botanicals. This is often my back up brand when I shop at local health food stores. These oils are also reasonably priced. Most of the employees of this company are graduates of the California School of Herbal Studies, which is a reputable institution among aromatherapists and herbalists.

Lastly, Aromatherapeutix is another great essential oil company. I like that they list where and how the plants were grown (e.g. traditional, organic, or wildcrafted). You can also save money by buying them in larger bulk quantities.

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