The Root Chakra: Balancing Your "Red" Energy

Balance and cleanse your red root chakra energy

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Kim Lee

Think of the color red. What images come to mind? Valentine’s Day hearts? Juicy Macintosh apples? Stop signs? An angry red face? Or anger in general?

It’s fascinating how colors affect our moods. Actually, color not only affects our emotional responses, but our physical bodies and our decisions as well. Why? Because color is energy; a high frequency vibration that is absorbed by our cells and flows in a systematic pathway throughout our bodies. Every living thing has energy. The cycle of energy begins with the sun; the energy of the sun is absorbed into living plants, then the energy is transferred to us when we eat these plants. This energy powers our cells, which makeup our systems and ultimately affect our emotional responses.  

Have you ever seen the centuries old paintings of saints with golden halos above their head? These artists may have actually seen and painted the energy nature, which appeared as a visible halo or “aura.” It is believed that before our human language was clearly developed, we intuitively saw people’s energy, which manifested as colors, or auras, around the people we interacted with. This was a defense mechanism to determine if a person’s aura was that of friend or foe. According to this line of thought, the ability to sense an individual’s intentions through color was replaced with words as our vocabulary developed. Children under the age of 5, are said to see auras instinctively; especially when it comes to recognizing their caregiver. However, the majority of us lose this ability as we learn to communicate verbally. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to be able to “see color” in order to tune in to its frequencies. There are seven colors that live in our body’s energy centers, called chakras. The word “chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. Think of these energy centers as a spinning pinwheel constantly breathing color and absorbing energies into the body. The first chakra is located at the base of our spinal column and the chakras rise along this line to the seventh chakra, which is located at the top of our head. Each of the seven chakras has a color and relates to a physical organ, an emotional frequency, and our mental thoughts and life experiences that resonate within the respective chakra.

In order to understand myself better, heal past issues and lift myself into a New Year, I am studying the color red. This is a good place to start as this is the body’s first chakra, the root chakra, and it’s associated with how we are rooted in our lives and our connection to the earth. The red chakra energy relates to our “tribe,” being stable and grounded, the feeling of belonging, our sense of community, and justice. Red is about survival instincts and centeredness, and gives us vitality, strength, and the energy to passionately change our lives.

Red as a color is stimulating. It’s too bad our traffic engineers didn’t understand color science as a red stop sign actually means charge ahead! While a green colored stop sign would intuitively say slow down! Red is a physical bold color that conjures up power, war, sexuality and strength. Red “out of balance” creates feelings of instability, abandonment, fear and mistrust. The physical manifestations of red out of balance can show up as foot problems, back problems, sciatica, and circulation imbalances. Emotionally the red chakra is about family, marriage, loyalty, your connection to the earth and survival.

If you are experiencing red energy out of balance, then I invite you to commit to balancing your red energy for one week. Pay attention to the issues that arise and keep a journal.

How to Cleanse and Balance Your Red Root Chakra:

  1. Wear red clothing daily for a week to draw red color issues front and center.
  2. Wear red jewelry and gems. Try garnet which removes anger or bloodstone for grounding oneself physically and emotionally.
  3. Eat red foods. Red peppers, cherries, tomatoes, red apples, beets, chili peppers, cranberries. Red wine. :)
  4. Take your shoes off! Reconnect with the healing powers of the earth. Walking barefoot in the grass, sand or the ocean opens a path for the earth’s bioelectrical energy to heal you from sole to soul - it restores your place in this world.
  5. Give yourself a “grounding foot soak.” Place your feet in a moor mud bath or sea salt bath to absorb negative energy and regain your balance.
  6. Visit a spa and schedule a reflexology foot massage or a full body, warm stone massage.
  7. Use grounding oils and spices like ginger or essential oils of rosemary and cloves on pulse points.
  8. Wear a copper bracelet to improve the flow of energy and remove energy blockages.
  9. The color red effects circulation. Breathwork helps to take in more oxygen which increases hemoglobin and nourishment to tissues.
  10. Live with an attitude of gratitude.
  11. Be brave, be honest, forgive yourself and let it go.
  12. Wear red lipstick and add some rouge to your cheeks! Learn how to get a flawless red lip in this makeup video from budding makeup artist, Alicia Westly:

Personally, I purchased a VitaJuwel gem water bottle for myself. These beautiful gemstone enhanced water bottles claim to “energize” the water with prisms from the selected gemstone. I resonated most with the “vision” bottle, which has the rare Shungite crystal gem pod – so I treated myself to that one! Shungite is said to be over 2 billion years old and is very rare - found only in a remote area of Russia. It is used for purification, healing, bringing light into the energy field, and protection from electromagnetic radiation. Plus, Shungite is related to our red root chakra! Trust that when you are working with the body’s innate energy systems that you will attract just what you need for natural balancing.

To learn about the second energy center - the sacral chakra - and the color Orange, visit The Sacral Chakra: Balancing Your Orange Energy.

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