Sunless Tanning Review: Jergens, Million Dollar Tan, St. Tropez, Beauty by Earth

Sunless tanning products from Jergens, Million Dollar Tan, St. Tropez, Beauty by Earth

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Summer, summer, summertime…Let’s talk sunless tanners. Yes, some can make you look orange, yes if not applied right it can be streaky & blotchy (I should know, I sometimes try to cut corners), and not all sunless tanners are created equally #truth.

I am going to share with you a few of my favorites that will give you that glow without the harmful rays of the scorching sun.

Jergens Natural Glow: +Firming Daily Moisturizer (Medium to Tan Skin Tones)

Jergens Natural Glow: +Firming Daily Moisturizer (Medium to Tan Skin Tones)

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My Review: Oh this is a product I used for years and years! If you are looking for something affordable that will give you a nice glow this is great. You do have to apply it often (several times a week) but it is goof proof. It leaves your skin looking healthy and sun kissed plus you can control how dark you want to get by applying daily. Plus firming benefits...I mean come on I’ll take it!


Million Dollar Tan: Mermaid Mousse Body

 Million Dollar Tan Mermaid Mousse Body sunless tanner

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My review: A couple years ago I met a representative for this brand and loved the way her tan looked. I always had it on my mind but I was pregnant and didn’t want to play with sunless tanning while baking my bebe. Fast-forward, summer was on the horizon and I could finally try this. I found “mermaid mousse” to be a great color (not orange) and something that I could build by applying a couple times a week. Application was super easy and came out even.


St. Tropez: Self-Tan Express Bronzing Mousse

St. Tropez Self-Tan Express Bronzing Mousse  sunless tanner 

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My review: This product is perfect if you are short on time and need that gorgeous deep tan IMMEDIATELY! Let’s face it life is busy and scheduling a spray tan doesn’t always happen. A quick application of this tinted mousse leaves you looking tan in no time at all. Definitely make sure you apply smoothly and evenly. If you have an event that you need to tan your legs/arms/etc. quickly this is your product. You will see color developing within an hour and by two or three hours a deep tan. There is a reason why St. Tropez is often touted as the best and I have to say the tan I had was deep and natural looking. And it lasted! I will say the scent is not great and that is this product’s biggest downfall for me. I HAD to shower to get the scent off of me once the color was done developing. Bottom line, have this product on hand for those times you NEED a tan STAT or if you want to look like you just came back from two weeks in Hawaii! Mahalo


Beauty by Earth: Organic Self Tanner

 Beauty by Earth Organic Self Tanner sunless tanner

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My review: This product really spoke to me as an “organic” and more “natural” less toxic self-tanner. I must say the color looked great when applied and didn’t smell as awful as some other ones on the market. I was impressed with the performance overall. I purchased this item via Amazon as a replacement to my trusty Jergens. I like that I can build a tan over a couple days so it has a bit of wiggle room if I applied a little too much here or not enough there. You get good bang for your buck with this product and the tube is generous.


Quick Tips for At-home Sunless Tanning

1) Exfoliate prior to tanning in the shower. I love the Beauty Counter Lemongrass Sugar Scrub. And if you are going to shave your legs do that after your scrub.

2) Apply a little regular lotion to feet/ankles and perhaps teeny tiny amount to elbows, knees wrists, hands so as not to absorb too much self-tanner, which can make those areas look dirty.

3) Perhaps wear latex gloves when applying or use a mitt if you prefer. Otherwise you may end up with tan palms/wrists. And wash your hands regardless après application.

4) Usually, I apply at night before bedtime but allow to dry first. You may want to wear something between you and your sheets so you don’t stain your sheets with sunless tanner.


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