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Skin Story: An Experience with Keratosis Pilaris

A personal experience with keratosis pilaris

Credits: Alexa Mazzarello at Unsplash.com

Today’s skin story is from a twenty-one-year-old college student who was diagnosed with keratosis pilaris when she was in middle school. She was willing to share her experience in handling her skin condition with Dermveda to help others currently struggling with the affliction. 


What was your experience like with keratosis pilaris? Have you found treatments and solutions that worked for you?

“I was very embarrassed about it for a while, especially when a guy would touch my upper arm and ask, "Why’s your skin bumpy?" or "Are you cold?” because he'd think it was goosebumps. The bumps are much smaller now; they used to be more apparent in middle and early high school. In middle school, I used to use a moisturizer with lactic acid and urea, but it wasn’t effective in relieving my itch and dryness. And I hated the smell of it, so I stopped using it after 2 months. Since then I've just been using regular moisturizer, and the bumps have been just getting smaller on their own.”


How do you currently feel about your skin?

“I'm moderately pleased with the current condition of my skin. I don't generally get acne unless I’m about to get my period, and at that point, it's just a bunch of micro pimples on my forehead. My keratosis pilaris has settled down and it's not that noticeable anymore.”


Do you have any skin care motivation or advice you'd like to share with our followers?

“I know a lot of people have skin problems that are highly visible and are sometimes an embarrassment. I don't think they should be embarrassing just because it's not something you can control. Years down the line people aren't going to remember that you had pimples or keratosis pilaris; they're going to remember how you made them feel. Live your best life and don't let one aspect of who you are stop you from it.”


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