Skin + Pregnancy: Bye Bye Botox & Lashes, Hello Pregnancy Glow!

Caring for sensitive skin during pregnancy

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That moment that you see a positive sign on a pregnancy test will change your life forever... Something not often talked about is how it may also change your skin! I went from having pretty normal skin, with the monthly breakout around my period, to suddenly having quite sensitive skin. Here is my journey to finding what worked. Goodbye Botox and lashes—hello pregnancy glow!

It is no lie that the pregnancy glow is a real thing, but with it came oh so sensitive skin! My usual skin care and makeup products were a bit intense and made my skin more reactive. Not to mention, I had the sudden urge to really examine what was “safe” to use during my pregnancy and what wasn’t.

In regards to cleansers, I was able to stick with the same two I had always used: Laura Mercier Purifying Oil for makeup days, and Avalon Organics Lavender Luminosity for mornings and non-makeup days. I continued to use my Clarisonic in the morning daily but switched to the sensitive brush head.

The lash glue on my lash extensions caused such an itchy reaction that I couldn’t bear them, so off they went! Everything in my eye area became extra sensitive and made my eyes water. In addition, my Botox (mostly for migraine prevention, but a dab in the forehead was helpful in my mid-thirties ;) was no longer an option now that I was with child. I was seeking skin care solutions that were hydrating, anti-aging, and somewhat pure. Arcona Eye Dew (not the “plus” version) during the day and Magic Dry Ice were prescribed by my longtime friend, Stephanie at the Nordstrom in Arden Fair—she is the Advanced Skincare guru! Meeting with her and having her prescribe the right products was so worth it! In the evening, I replenished my skin with Dahliana Naturals Alpenglow Crème and Eye Renew Crème recommended by Carola May—brand founder, skilled aesthetician and overall inspiring woman.

My next step was sun protection, as some SPF products were making me break out or develop hives, and, again, irritating my eye area. I found that Colorescience has a great powder SPF that you can just brush on! This was a great on-the-go option before heading outside. My other key solution was the Veil Mineral Primer with SPF by Hourglass (the mini size is fabulous for travel or a small makeup bag). These gave me the protection and ease I was seeking without the reaction.

My final step was LIPS! Between nausea, travel, and the constant desire to drink water (ok, so it was more like ginger ale and 7up), I needed to keep my lips hydrated. I did stick with my Vaseline Lip Therapy two times per day (AM and PM) but any touchups were with various Burt’s Bees lip balms (namely made from beeswax and honey).

The key takeaways from my journey are to find what works for you personally. The pregnancy glow is beautiful and something to cherish. But as we do with our clothing during pregnancy—updating our skin care “wardrobe” to suit this new chapter may also be necessary. Be gentle with your skin and don’t be afraid to seek advice from trusted beauty advisors or aestheticians.

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