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Product Review: Skinfix

Review of Skinfix's "creamy" and "hydrating" products

Credits: Anais Foley-Kennedy
Edited By:
Raja Sivamani , MD, MS, AP

If I were to describe the Skinfix brand in one word it would be “creamy.” And if I could add a second word it would be “effective.”

I am very impressed with this product line. The hydration in my skin when using Skinfix is superb. It applies smoothly, evenly, and absorbs well into the skin. Staying hydrated for hours is important to me and this line is impressive.

Creamy, effective, hydrating, balancing... are all descriptors that come to mind with this brand and the products I tested out. When applying the creams, they are smooth like buttah!

There is a light, fresh scent to the product line but not overpowering. Perhaps it is the cucumber I smell?

Overall this brand is definitely worth exploring. And with it being available at many retailers it may just be in your own backyard. I keep seeing it everywhere, which surely makes me happy since I had such a pleasant experience testing out the products below.

Skinfix products (Photo provided by Anais)

Foaming Oil Cleanser

This is great at dissolving makeup and leaving skin feeling clean and fresh. To have an oil cleanser that foams—wow! This is my jam! Definitely staying in my cabinet! I apply this at night and lather up to remove my makeup, even my eye makeup, and it comes right off easy peasy without irritating my skin or leaving it feeling too dry. (Even my Halloween makeup!) Definitely recommend this product as a great cleanser and makeup remover. Works great in the shower too.

Nourishing Cream

Love the easy to use pump jar (not putting fingers in jar is great)! Hydrating and non-greasy. I like this day or night and will continue to use. The cream is cool and thick enough without feeling heavy on your skin. I loved the way it absorbed quickly into my skin. I also applied to my neck and chest. In the morning or at the end of the day, my skin still felt great. It wore well under makeup, and my skin stayed balanced.

Brightening Eye Cream

Gentle, non-irritating, smoothing, and hydrating. This is a great daytime eye cream to add to your routine. Not greasy at all and wears well under makeup. In the summer, I may put in the fridge for extra cooling and depuffing. I applied mornings and some nights using my ring finger & tapping gently to my under-eye and orbital bone.

Hydrating Lotion

Lighter weight cream for the face. Feels good. I prefer the Nourishing Cream for more hydration, but if you needed a lighter weight moisturizer this would be a great option. Very fresh feeling to the skin. This is in a pump bottle that stands taller than the cream. I shall let my partner give this a whirl to see how he likes it with his skin. He tends to like a lighter weight moisturizer so this may be a great one for him.

Hand Repair Cream

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this product! It helped the eczema on my hands so much! I keep one in my purse now 24/7. And applying at night with a pair of cotton gloves to help my skin heal has proven a decrease in using my steroid cream. Run, don’t walk, and try this product if you have eczema! Often I am washing my hands, doing dishes and a slew of other cleaning things as I have a toddler who gets into everything; this hand cream does a good job of keeping my hands more hydrated than others even with the constant toll taken on these paws daily. 

Inked Tattoo Balm

I have used this a couple of times in conjunction with the hand cream for added moisture, and it may help. I also dabbed a bit on skin areas a bit more dry like elbows and liked it. I don't currently have any tattoos so could not test it for that purpose.

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