Product Review: SIBU & NutriBiotic Facial Moisturizers

A review of facial moisturizers from SIBU and NutriBiotic

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Our beauty and skin care reviewer, Sonia Singh, tried out four awesome facial moisturizers from Sibu and Nutriobiotic and detailed her experience here. Sonia is a Dermveda skin type 6, which means her skin has a strong tendency toward both dryness and oiliness, has a dominant vata imbalance and minor kapha imbalance, and is overly yang in nature and prone to dampness. Find out your skin type for free here!

These four products were provided by SIBU and NutriBiotic for Skintegrative's writers to try and review. We hope you skinjoy!

1. Product Name: Sea Berry Seed Oil

Brand: SIBU

Sibu Sea Berry Seed Oil
(Photo provided by Sonia)

Charateristics: This seed oil is light orange in color with an herbal smell. The fragrance is not strong and eventually disappears once applied. The consistency is thick and easy to blend. Once applied to the skin, the product absorbs quickly.

Function: The seed oil is meant to be applied as a serum right before you apply your moisturizer.

Price: $19.95

Size: 10mL

Where to Buy: SIBU.COM or Amazon

Standards: This product is certified organic, vegan, and cruelty-free, with no parabens or sulfates.

Review Process: I incorporated this oil into my nighttime routine. After cleansing and toning my face, I squeezed 2-3 drops on my palm, as advised on the packaging, and evenly distributed it on my face and neck.

Experience: I love that it absorbs into my skin quickly because that indicates that my skin has accepted it and that the product will likely do what it says. The smell isn't my favorite, but I'm glad it's not strong or irritating.

Perceived Effectiveness: I found this product to be helpful. My recent acne flare began to reduce day by day and eventually went away. I’m not sure if this was caused by a lifestyle change or the product, but it seemed to work for me! My skin felt smooth and soft after 2 weeks of consistent use.

Recommendations: I suggest applying this product at night as your skin tends to recover while you sleep.

Conclusion: Overall, this product is amazing. The price is reasonable and it definitely delivers.


2. Product Name: Sea Berry Therapy Nourishing Face Cream

Brand: SIBU

Sibu Face Cream
(Photo provided by Sonia)

Characteristics: This product has a light lemon scent which is refreshing when applied to your face. I used this cream right after the SIBU Sea Berry Seed Oil reviewed above.

Function: This cream is meant to act as a moisturizer to be used directly after the seed oil.

Price: Between $20 - $24.95

Size: 1 FL OZ.

Where To Buy: This product can be purchased at SIBU.COM.

Standards: This face cream is certified organic, vegan, and cruelty-free, with no parabens or sulfates.

Review Process: I use this product twice a day, once in the morning and then at night right after my SIBU Sea Berry Seed Oil.

Experience: What I like about this product is that the lightweight formula blends easily into the skin. My skin literally drinks this cream up, just like the seed oil. The fresh lemon smell definitely gave me a spa-like feel when using the cream. I also liked this product’s multifunctional nature. It both provides moisture to my skin and helps soothe any irritation I may have.

Perceived Effectiveness: After two weeks of consistent use, twice a day, I noticed my skin felt less oily and appeared brighter. My acne scars also seemed to fade slightly, and I found that I was breaking out less. Again, it’s hard to know if the latter effects were caused by the cream, but I was happy nonetheless!

Recommendations: I recommend applying this product in the morning and at night right after your oil/serum.

Conclusion: Overall, an excellent moisturizer. It does what it meant to do all while providing extra care. I love that the formula is easy to blend and absorbs into my skin within seconds. It doesn’t leave me feeling greasy or oily at the end of the day.


3. Product Name: Antioxidant Face Crème

Brand: NutriBiotic

NutriBiotic Antioxidant Face Creme
(Photo provided by Sonia)

Characteristics: This face crème is a dense formula that’s white in color. It doesn’t really have a scent, but there is a faint herbal smell which I actually really enjoyed.

Function: This product is a face crème meant to moisturize and repair your skin.

Price: $23

Size: 2 OZ.

Where To Buy: or Amazon

Standards: This product is paraben-free.

Review Process: I used this product anytime my skin needed a major moisture boost. I was sick for a week and my skin was really dry. I used this during the day, before make-up application, and at night as a part of my night routine. I noticed it did not make my skin oily throughout the day, which is great, as I was afraid it would since it’s a really heavy moisturizer.

Experience: I really enjoyed the product. It does not have a pungent aroma like some creams, but rather has a very faint refreshing herbal scent to it.

Perceived Effectiveness: After a week of consistent use during the day and at night, my skin felt soft and smooth. The flaky parts around my nose and mouth were gone.

Recommendations: I would recommend using this when you need an extra kick of moisture for your skin. It can be applied during the day and/or night.

Conclusion: Overall, it’s an excellent product if you need a moisture boost. The dryness, redness and small bumps and patches on my skin disappeared after a week of consistent use. A little bit of this product goes a long way. You do not need more than a dime-sized amount.


4. Product Name: Ultra-Hydrating Peptide Face Crème  

Brand: NutriBiotic

NutriBiotic Peptide Face Creme
(Photo provided by Sonia)

Characteristics: The Peptide Face Crème is white in color, but the formula is a bit watery with a greasy feel. It has a faint herbal smell.

Function: Facial moisturizer

Price: $18.71

Size: 2 OZ

Where To or Amazon

Standards: This product is paraben-free.

Review Process: I used this product at night by alternating it with my other moisturizer. I applied it to my face and neck immediately after washing my face.

Experience: Compared to the other NutriBiotic face crème, this one has a more liquid-like formula. It is very easy to blend into the skin. Since the formula is thin, I have to spend a little more time blending the product into my face and neck. Once it’s all evenly applied, it leaves a soft and smooth feel, rather than the sticky feel I had anticipated.

Perceived Effectiveness: Personally, I found that it definitely seemed to even out my skin texture.

Recommendations: I would recommend using this product day and/or night. It’s so light and non-greasy that it will not leave your skin feeling oily. You can use it on your body and/or your face.

Conclusion: Overall, it’s an excellent product. It has a double function where it moisturizes your skin and heals it at the same time. It made my skin glow without the greasy feel. I’d give this product 4 out of 5 compared to other products on the market with peptides. Firstly, the price is reasonable. Secondly, a little amount of the product goes a long way. And lastly, it helped to prevent irritations from a razor while shaving.

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