Rose Baths for Skin Rejuvenation

Rose baths can help rejuvenate your skin

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In many ancient medical traditions, the concept of vital energy that maintains balance is an important part of health. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), this energy is known as Qi and is the driving force behind the body’s and skin’s physiological activity. Maintaining the level and flow of Qi are important to keep the skin rejuvenated. In Ayurvedic medicine (AM), the concept of Ojas is similar in that it represents the skin’s ability to stay in balance, known as physiological homeostasis. 

Disruption of Qi and Ojas can lead to decreased skin health. Some examples of things that can lead to decreased flow of Qi and reduction of Ojas include sun damage, excessive alcohol intake, smoking, dryness, harsh chemicals, pollution, stress, negative emotions, and aging. Promoting the flow of qi optimizes energy and the absorption of nutrients. 

Some disorders of Qi include:

  • Qi stagnation(lack of flow): fluid retention, puffy eyes, fullness, stifling sensation, achiness, dull headaches, face pain, dark spots
  • Qi deficiency (lack of substance): saggy skin, fatigue, dark spots

Some issues with lack of Ojas include:

  • Ojas deficiency: dull skin, fatigue, loss of collagen and wrinkle formation 

Rejuvenating baths are a relaxing and fun way to restore Qi and Ojas.  In TCM and AM, roses are used to enhance skin beauty. Rose petals are called Mei Gui Hua in TCM and Satapatri in AM. Among the most beloved flowers, roses promote the flow of Qi and rejuvenate the skin. In AM, roses balance pitta and vata imbalances. 

Rose oil derived from petals is very popular around the world due to its ability to rejuvenate the skin and its captivating aroma. A study of young women has shown that simply inhaling the pleasant aromas of rose essential oils has a calming effect and can improve the skin barrier.

You can make your own rejuvenating bath at home. 


Skin Rejuvenating Bath

Add the following into a bathtub of warm water and mix:

  • 1 oz Rose Hydrosol
  • 5 – 10 drops Rose Essential Oil
  • 1 cup Rose Bath Salts
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil 

Now you are ready to rejuvenate with roses!

Note: Some people can have an allergic response to essential oils. Before setting up a bath, it is important to test a small amount of the essential oil dissolved in warmed coconut oil and test on your skin for allergies.  

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