Product Review: Bug Bite Thing

An alternative to anti-itch creams

Credits: The Bug Bite Thing
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Alexandra Vaughn , MD

Brand Name: The Bug Bite Thing

Color/Scent/Texture: A white plastic device with vacuum suction cap and handle.

Options:  Available in one size and one color.

Purpose: Uses a vacuum suction design to reduce the itchiness of wasp, mosquito, black fly, bee, and bed bug bites. The handle is grooved as a tool to assist with removing stingers.

Size: 5x3x1 inches, 0.32 ounces

Where to Buy: 

Online:, Amazon

In Stores: Home Depot and Walmart.

Standards: This product is chemical free and designed for unlimited use with no expiration date.

Review Process: I used The Bug Bite Thing on multiple locations where I most recently obtained mosquito and/or flea bites. In particular, the top of the foot, the heel, ankle, and rib cage.

My Experience: The tube is lightweight enough to carry in my purse or jacket pocket. For each bite, I applied the tool for approximately 3-4 uses. I used both the small and large cap sizes on my bites. The large suction cap did a better job of pulling on the bites located on my feet and ankles. The small suction cap worked better on the back side of my heel, where there was more skin to adhere to. 

Bug Bite Thing being used on the right forearm of a man

Credit: The Bug Bite Thing 

Perceived Effectiveness: The tool reduced itchiness and also inflammation for a brief amount of time. While I still remained itchy later on in the day, it provided relief that kept me from continuously scratching.

Product Comparison: In comparison to anti-itch creams that I have tried in the past, this tool is just as effective. A positive to this product is that it is easy to use, no mess, and doesn’t expire. For some, this may be a better alternative to reducing itch from bug bites compared to lotions. 

Recommendation: I recommend using this product as soon as a bite or sting is noticed. The clinical study conducted by the company exclusively used the tool on wasp bites obtained two minutes prior. The study also used the tool five times in under three minutes in highly controlled settings. Unlike the study, my bites were days old and also entirely different bugs altogether.

Conclusion: This product is comparable to other anti-itch creams and is a unique product because it is easy to use and kid-friendly. The Bug Bite Thing is a product that may be a better alternative for those who are adverse to thick creams and/or lotions. For the price, this tool may be a useful addition to a first aid kit.


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