Is Baby Poop Good For Your Face?

Is It Crappy Science or the Science of Crap? 

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Babies are usually breastfed or formula-fed. The diet of the baby – or all of us too – is what essentially determines the size, shape, and form their poop. Right after being born, a baby’s diet consists of mainly breast milk. Breast milk is known to be nutritious to the baby and also contain some antibacterial properties that some people use to treat the acne on their skin. And because breast milk is essentially all that babies are eating in their first few months of life, some mothers thought it would be a good idea to put their own baby’s feces on their face as facial masks. Although a baby poop facial may sound a bit bizarre, baby poop face masks are actually used by quite a few people and are also said to be quite popular in Asia.


Possible Benefits of a Baby Poop Mask

Because a baby drinks a lot of their mother’s milk in their first stages of life, their stool is composed of many of the milk’s byproducts. Breastfed infants often have more yellow stool than babies who are on other diets. Breast milk contains antibodies (things that fight germs), probiotics (immune system boosters), and a bunch of other good stuff. Bifidobacteria is another main ingredient found in not only the milk of the mother but also in the baby. It is a good bacterium that resides in the intestines and is thought to have anti-inflammatory actions in the intestines. Bifidobacterium was proven to be able to help with infants who had eczema when they ate capsules giving them a boost of extra Bifidobacterium. There are many good nutrients that are going into a baby’s body and even out too!  But so far there is no research that has been done to show any benefits of baby poop on our skin. In fact, there is no evidence that putting Bifidobacteria on the skin is beneficial since most of its benefits occur inside the intestines.


Risks of a Baby Poop Face Mask

Although babies usually do have a simple diet on a daily basis, there is always a possibility of infections or transfer of disease occurring. Disease-causing agents from baby poop can somehow make its way into the mouth of another person causing the disease to spread. Here are some risks that should not be taken lightly:


Baby can be sick with the viral stomach flu. Using baby poop on the face can spread viruses and lead to a bad bout of stomach flu for you as well.


Baby poop is teeming with bacteria and not all of them will necessarily be good.


Using baby poop may lead to the spread of the poop germs throughout the house if the hands and the face are not properly washed. This can lead to more spread of disease among the household, especially with viruses and bacteria.



For now, maybe we should stay away from using baby poop masks and facials until there is research being done on it. Even then, the thought of putting poop on the face may be too gross for some people to even consider as a facial treatment. The benefits of using baby poop as a facial mask have not been officially confirmed and will probably be best avoided for health and sanitation reasons. 

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