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How 2 Minutes With the Skin Type Profiler Will Change Your Life

You skin is unique and let Dermveda show you how 

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The average American spends nearly a quarter of a million dollars on their appearance in their lifetime, with a large portion of this spent solely on the face, according to a 2017 nationwide survey. Are you part of this growing statistic? 

When it comes to your skin, your look makes a difference when it comes to confidence. Plenty of research studies have shown that people with clearer skin brim with more confidence. Great skin is not about vanity. Great skin is about confidence.

If your skin has blemishes, rashes, lesions, or does not look its best, you might worry about your next date, interview, or when you next have to get in front of people. Picture if you could discover your skin's tendencies. You would be empowered to stop the random trial and error and focus in more closely on getting your skin back on track. 

Instead of taking an average approach to skin care and trying to fit that to everyone, we realized that it's better to get more personal with your skin type. Skin care is not just about what products we put on our skin or what cosmetics we do to our skin. It's about holistic skin care.

What food do you eat?

What exercises do you do?

How do your emotions feed into your skin?

How does stress impact you and your skin health?

All of these factors matter and that is why we built the bridge between dermatology and alternative medicine. Enter the Skin Type Profiler


What is the Dermveda Skin Type Profiler?

Finally, Dermveda’s Skin Type Profiler quiz can simplify your endless quest for understanding your skin. If you are like most consumers, you have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on skin care products. Many sites will leave you with generic reviews that are 4 out of 5 or even 5 out of 5 stars, and you hope that will mean its good for you too.

More often than not, results that were promised are not delivered. You have felt frustrated, disappointed, and even hopeless that your breakouts, redness, dryness, or itchiness have continued without finding a solution. You might even feel like you have tried everything.

Dermveda’s approach was developed by dermatologists and alternative medical practitioners working closely with each other. Dermatologists are THE experts when it comes to the science of skin and alternative medical practitioners understand that each person is unique with a unique set of imbalances and constitutions.

By working together, Dermveda has created the Skin Type Profiler that combines knowledge from cutting-edge modern dermatology with ancient skin care traditions used in Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Here is How it Works

The Skin Type Profiler asks 6 simple questions

It will take you less than 2 minutes to complete

It may seem simple but these questions have undergone countless hours of review and vetting by dermatologists to break them down to the most essential questions needed so that the quiz is both fast and accurate.


What The Results Will Show

The Skin Type Profiler has 14 possible skin types.

Each of the skin types is mapped to a climate that has similar tendencies as your skin. For example, the Humid Subtropical skin type has a tendency toward irritation and oiliness much like the humid subtropical climate that has a tendency toward heat and humidity.

Just like there are many variations within a climate, the Dermveda skin types have many different variations within each skin type so that there are over 3000 possibilities making your skin type truly unique when you get your results. 


Why Does it Matter to Have a Unique Skin Type?

When you read generic five star reviews, how do you know if the reviewer had the same skin type or even a similar skin type to you?

Someone with oily skin may have graded a product poorly with 0 out of 5 stars while another person with dry skin may have given the product 5 our 5 stars. The average would then be 2.5 stars out of 5 which is not helpful to either person with dry or oily skin.

Dermatologists and complementary medical practitioners understand this. Not everyone’s skin is the same and skin type profilers need to account for the fact that everyone has slightly different and unique skin.

When your unique skin type is identified correctly, the advice, strategies, and skin routines can be personalized more closely for you. Dermveda takes a holistic approach to skin and includes diet and lifestyle habits in addition to the skin care routines. Take the Skin Type Profiler to learn more and keep reading.


I’m Breaking out! Triggers Revealed!

The world’s leading Dermatologists and skin experts at Dermveda have identified specific triggers that may disrupt each of the 14 Dermveda skin types. You can trust that our algorithm will accurately evaluate your quiz responses and help you learn how to have the most beautiful skin possible! Do you always break out when you visit your grandparents in Florida? Is your yoga class making your skin worse?! These and many more are the answers that will guide you to having healthier skin and a healthier, happier life.


One Skin Food Diet Does Not Fit All

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After taking the Skin Type Profiler quiz, you will learn what foods you should avoid and which foods you should enjoy daily. Dermveda understands the importance of beauty from the inside out, which is why learning how to eat based on your skin type will change your life! With a diet pattern rich in the appropriate foods, spices, and beverages for your skin type, you will be on your way to glowing skin you can be proud of. 


Choose the Skin Care Products that Agree With Your Skin

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 It is extremely frustrating to buy a new product, only to find that is either does not help your skin or even aggravates your skin! There is no one perfect skin care routine for everyone. Your skin is unique, and deserves carefully selected products that will promote balance. After taking the Skin Type Profiler quiz, you will learn more about your skin’s tendencies and exactly what types of products and ingredients may aggravate your skin. Most importantly, we will help you with every step of your skin care routine from cleansing to moisturizing to choosing targeted ingredients to improve specific skin issues. Take a deep breath, because you are on your way to the skin of your dreams.


Should You Exercise For Your Skin Type?

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Absolutely! Believe it or not, your method of regular exercise can affect your skin’s appearance more than you think. Regular exercise offers incredible skin benefits, but you might be aggravating your skin depending on what you are doing. Exercise and other activities such as meditation and relaxation methods should also be carefully tailored to your specific skin type, and Dermveda does just this!


Location, Location, Location … The Key to Unlocking the Skin Type Profiler’s Potential

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Where you live and travel to can have an enormous impact on your skin health! Although we are not suggesting you move, taking the Skin Type Profiler quiz will help you identify climates that are most beneficial for your skin type. Maybe your dry skin simply needs a tropical vacation to give it the glow it’s missing!

Not only will you learn about the best climates for your skin, but you will learn how to manage your skin and adjust your routine depending on the microclimate around you. You do not want to miss out on this amazing and unique feature of the Skin Type Profiler!


Tips To Achieve Ultimate Benefits from the Skin Type Profiler

Now that you understand why you should immediately take the 2-minute Skin Type Profiler quiz to learn about your unique skin type, here are tips to incorporating it into your life!

  1. Keep a skin journal – take a few minutes each evening to write down how you felt your skin looked and behaved that day. Jot down any foods, products, activities, or stressors that may have made your skin aggravated and compare them to the recommendations on your Skin Type Profile so you can adjust your routine the following day. You will be surprised by how much tracking your routine can help!
  1. Read articles associated with your skin type – Dermveda has hundreds of free articles written and reviewed by well-known dermatologists and skin experts with the latest research, trends, and recommendations that are best for your skin type. We have new articles every week, so be sure to stay up to date on content recommended just for you!
  1. Adjust your routine as seasons change – Don’t fret! The Skin Type Profiler even takes into account how your skin may react to changing seasons, and gives recommendations for ways to alter your diet, products, bathing, cleansing, and even activities for a smoother transition between seasons.
  1. Tell us how we can best help you! Dermveda is committed to providing the highest quality skin education in the world. In order to do this, please email us at with any suggestions, comments, or questions. Help us help you!

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