Herbal Tea for Hydrated Skin Recipe

Herbal tea to keep you refreshed

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Amy Branum
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Raja Sivamani , MD, MS, AP

Has the summer sun left your skin in need of moisture? Demulcent herbs help the skin and tissues to better hold moisture. This easy to make, overnight infusion is simple to make. To see results, you will need to drink this tea for a few days. 2 cups at least 4 days a week is great, but you can have it every day.  


Burdock root              2 tsp

Licorice root               ½ tsp

Marshmallow root     1 tsp

Shatavari root            1 tsp

Chickweed                 1 tsp

Plantain                      2 tsp

Gotu Kola                   2 tsp

Spearmint                  1 tsp


Directions: Combine the herbs and place in a quart size mason jar or other container. Pour 1 quart of boiling water over the herbs and cover with a lid. Allow this mixture to sit overnight or for at least 5 hours. Strain the herbs from the tea. If you would like, you could add honey or another natural sweetener, but this tea is sweetened with the herbs. The best way to take this tea is at room temperature, but slightly cooled on hot summer days is a nice way to enjoy it also.


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