Green Chakra and Your Skin

The heart chakra is the center of universal love

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When you think of your heart, you immediately think of the color red as red hearts are used to reflect love and Valentine’s Day. But in our body’s chakra system, the heart chakra color is green and related to the fourth chakra. To create the color green, you combine the color of yellow (wisdom, intuitive knowledge, and gut instincts) with the color of blue (our words, intention, advice, and inspiration) from the throat chakra. The heart chakra in balance speaks from a place of deep wisdom to inspire and heal others. The heart chakra is the center of universal love.

Mother Earth is best represented by the heart chakra and the color green. Mother Earth is bountiful, generous, and encouraging of love and respect for all things. Our deepest feelings are held within the heart chakra. The heart is capable of unconditional love. I recall when I was pregnant with my second child, I wondered how I could ever love a second child as much as I loved my first. I quickly realized after her birth that the heart can expand to love to infinity and beyond! What prevents us from opening our heart to others? The mind (blue) can create roadblocks of fear that erodes our self-worth and makes us believe we are unlovable or unworthy of a great love. Also, we bury our feelings in an effort to avoid heartbreak, and that fear settles in your gut (yellow) to create additional imbalances. (See yellow chakra article).  

Here's a quick tutorial to show you how you can incorporate green into your makeup palette by Alicia Westly: 


Balanced Blue and Yellow = Green

The natural solution to balance the heart chakra, whether from loss of a loved one, betrayal or struggling self-worth, is to surround yourself with the color green. Start your healing outside in nature. The earth is abundant with the color green. Trees, grass, plants, flowers, forests, mountains, and the blue-greens of our oceans naturally calm and center us. Visibly seeing the color green soothes our senses, while physically walking barefoot on the ground connects us to the earth’s healing electrical energies by physically grounding us to earth and reminding us we are all one with the planet.     


Balancing the Heart Chakra

Go green! Foods grown from the organic-rich soil of the earth and blue-green algae from our seas are nature’s best choices for our health. Organic, natural foods grow from the sun using photosynthesis from carbon dioxide and water. Plants use the green pigment of chlorophyll to create their food, grow, and then release their ions through the energy of sunlight. Chlorophyll is said to stimulate the colon to help with constipation (stored toxic waste and emotions), help to regenerate damaged liver cells, and support healthy circulation. Spirulina, a blue-green seaweed, contains the highest in required nutrients for our health, providing an almost complete set of protein (except methionine and cysteine), vitamins, and minerals. Spirulina is considered a great green food for our bodies.

“Living green” encourages us to live responsibly by preserving our planet’s resources, avoiding toxic chemicals, and recycling waste to preserve our planet’s health.

Unlike the physical love found in the second chakra, the fourth chakra love is unconditional, spiritual love towards all people - including yourself. 

Energy Theme

Feelings of empathy, tolerance, compassion, and openness are core emotions that bind all people. Energy blockages include envy, loneliness, depression, hate, bitterness, heartbreak, and lethargy.

Physical Imbalances

Heart issues and difficulty in breathing; chest pain; breast cancer; problems with the lungs; emphysema 

Harmonizing Therapies

Touch; soothing massage, like a Lomi Lomi massage with its soothing long wavy strokes or a Watsu massage which uses aquatic bodywork performed in a warm pool that feels like you are floating inside the womb; breath-work; being outside in nature and bringing it indoors with plants and flowers; hugging your child, partner, a friend or a tree.


Green stones of emerald, jade

Spices and Oils

Eucalyptus, peppermint, and cloves

Have Your Personal Astrology Chart Done

Based on your birth time (day, time, year and where you were born) to learn more about the planet’s influences on your life.

Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Edward Bach studied the holistic benefits of flowers on eliminating negative emotional states, which can interfere with the body’s natural healing. Flower essences can serve as natural antidotes and quickly rebalance our emotions. Look for Bach Flower Remedies in your local natural health food store. Add several drops of the appropriate flower remedy under your tongue or into a glass of water. 

Sample Remedies

Envy, jealousy, hatred - Holly Remedy

Heartbreak, extreme anguish, reached limits - Sweet Chestnut Remedy

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