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Fun Ways to Protect Your Face from the Sun

Sun protection built into cosmetic and skin care products

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Lisa Tran

Lisa Tran

During off summer seasons, it’s easy to forget about applying SPF to your body and face. Finding the right sunscreen for your face is a challenge because of your facial skin’s complexities. Also, applying regular sunscreen to your face is never an enjoyable process because of the white cast it often leaves! Luckily, beauty and skin care companies are noticing the need for better sunscreen application on your face and they are responding to these needs. There are more products on the market that aren’t your traditional sunscreen. I’m sharing my personal favorite unconventional SPFs with you below.


#1: Smashbox

Foundation with sunscreen is nothing new, but Smashbox somewhat recently launched a BB water product with SPF in it. It comes with a handy dropper and the application is very smooth, hence the name “BB water”. This one is good during the strange summer-to-fall season!


#2: Supergoop!

Another favorite of mine is the Setting Mist with Rosemary by Supergoop!. This setting mist contains a light rosemary scent and better yet, has SPF 50 in it. I use this mist throughout the day for a calming refresher and a dose of SPF. Just throw in your bag and you’re all set!


#3: Cover Fx

Lastly, a newly discovered must-have for me is invisible sunscreen. Cover Fx came out with a product called “Clear Cover” which is an invisible sunscreen with SPF 30 in it. This product reminds me of a primer, but with SPF. The product is clear and rubs into your skin effortlessly. This is a great alternative to the traditional white sunscreen.

Whichever method you use, make sure to apply before stepping outside for the day. Putting on sunscreen is never fun, but with these innovative products, you’ll never think of sunscreen the same way again! 

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