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Whoa, how did it get to be 90 degrees already?! All this heat & sun reminds me it’s time to update my sun protection. Just the other day I was reminiscing about my Hawaiian Tropic days (ah the scent of my late teens/young adulthood), or the various sprays we would douse ourselves in for river floats, or the Coppertone Babies, Bullfrog & NoAd slathered on me as a child. Here are some that I have been testing out this past year(s) and my thoughts on each one, along with a new sunscreen provided by the product company for me to try out. I also want to be able to put whatever is on me on my baby so I am being mindful of ingredients and sensitivity for that tender baby skin too.



Colorscience sunscreen held in hand outside(Photo provided by Anais)

The Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Powder is a gem! For YEARS I have been pretty obsessed with this; whether skiing or at the beach it is a great addition to your sun safety kit! Not only does it protect your face/chest from harmful rays but also evens out skin tone. A quick dusting walking out the door or touch-up in your bag this is a must have (comes in various shades)!



Honest sunscreen stick held in hand(Photo provided by Anais)

The Purely Simple Sunscreen Stick is convenient and easy to throw in your bag or stroller on the go. It is a bit visible, so it really needs to be rubbed in. Wore it during a hard work out and thought it would sting my eyes but it stayed on strong! I will keep this around.



BeautyCounter sunscreen(Photo provided by Anais)

I’ve tried both the All-Over Sunscreen Stick and the Lotion. I like them and have been wearing the lotion all spring. I did notice a decrease in redness when I went out to the park, yet I need to reapply this more frequently. The stick I find very easy to use and keep in my diaper clutch for quick touch ups. (Disclaimer: I'm a consultant for Beautycounter and have linked this product to my page).



Dermae sunscreen(Photo provided by Anais)

Received this as a sample and love it! This Antioxidant Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 is very lightweight; doesn’t even feel like you have it on! I will surely be using this all summer long!



Babyganics sunscreen(Photo provided by Anais)

Mineral Based Sunscreen Spray SPF 50+ This is a spray that we can use! This is great! Spritz into your hands and apply to yourself and kiddos. Tear free is awesome! This one is loved by many of my mama friends, and I see why!

Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier Sunscreen(Photo provided by Anais)

This one is for the adults (I have not tested on my kiddo)—I have LOVED this Daily Face Shield by Laura Mercier for a million years. It does not leave your skin feeling oily. Again, this is one I have used on face and chest while playing in the snow or lounging at the pool. It fits nicely into a bag and will not break you out.


I am also a big advocate for using a Foundation Primer with a Sun Screen in it: Hourglass Mineral Veil & Murad are my top two on rotation these days. A quick rub on after my moisturizer and at least I got that on my skin (and maybe chest) before heading outside. I also tend to use sunscreens around the SPF 30 mark. I find it does a great job, and I tend to have fewer breakouts &andfeel less "masked." Rumor has it that SPF 30 is a great SPF to use, and the higher is like extra credit; not necessary but available.

Shake out those swimsuits, fire up the BBQ, and get ready for some SAFE fun in the SUN!

PS Try carrying some extra baby wipes or face wipes in your sun protection kit. They are great to get the sunscreen off of your hands when out and about. Plus it may inspire you to reapply. :)

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