​Eyebrow Shaping for Men: My Threading Experience

Eyebrow threading for male facial hair grooming

Steven Lam
Edited By:
Raja Sivamani , MD, MS, AP

When it comes to cleaning up, men may not always be the best models. Masculinity is a roadblock for many men that keeps them from cleaning up their nails or shaving because “I’m a man” is apparently a good alibi. However, societal views are changing and activities previously seen as feminine are becoming more mainstream amongst the public, such as men’s eyebrow shaping, pedicures and manicures, and waxing.

Clean eyebrows are fundamental to looking good. Many hair removal techniques exist – for example, plucking, waxing, and threading. Some even go as far as shaving their eyebrows off and drawing their eyebrows in with make-up instead! 


Eyebrow Threading

The technique of eyebrow threading originated in the East and is popular in areas like India and Pakistan. Threading is becoming more mainstream because of its ability to efficiently remove hairs from the roots without removing skin along with. The technique is performed with cotton threads that are intertwined and quickly moved row by row through the eyebrow. Eyebrow threading is known for being a relatively quick procedure compared to other hair removal techniques. This is one way in which men can shape their eyebrows for a cleaner appearance.


My Experience

Being a male, I decided I would try this out for myself and experience eyebrow threading first-hand. Living in a populated city such as San Jose, it isn’t difficult to find a location that provides a threading service. The nearest location was a beauty kiosk in the center of a shopping mall. It felt odd lying in a diagonal chair in the middle of a populated mall receiving this treatment, but I had to buy into the experience.

The procedure itself began and I wasn’t sure what to exactly expect besides pain due to my prior experience with eyebrow waxing. Surprisingly, threading was slightly painful, but not as much as waxing was for me. I could assume it was less painful because threading simply removes hair and doesn’t remove or pull on the skin. The technician went row by row through my eyebrows and it eventually became soothing. A quick 15 minutes went by, and I was done. Looking at the mirror, I noticed a difference in cleanliness; however, it didn’t look feminine, as I thought it might turn out.

Upon arriving home, my mom and sister instantly noticed my cleaned-up eyebrows and truthfully, it made me feel a bit better about myself. The procedure was a quick 15 minutes of my day and a measly $8, which was quite a deal for some rich-looking brows. 

My advice for other men out there: clean up your eyebrows. Threading is quick, cheap, and potentially easy to find depending on your location. Other techniques available would be plucking and waxing. Men, grooming your eyebrows or eyebrow shaping may seem to be something minor, but it makes a large impact on your appearance.

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