Are Baby Skin Products Only For Babies Or Can We Use Them Too?

The secrets of baby soft skin

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Products made especially for babies are not new to us. Baby products are often assumed to be gentler than other products so that they do not irritate the sensitive and fragile skin of babies. But have you ever wondered why babies are given the special privilege of having products made specifically for them? If a product is labeled with “Baby” does it mean that they are exclusively for babies? 


But First, Let’s Talk a Bit About Baby Skin

Babies naturally have thinner skin compared to the skin of adults. A baby’s skin is capable of retaining more moisture. At the same time, their skin is prone to water loss, which can commonly lead to symptoms of dryness or rashes. Baby skin is still developing, which as a result can be easily irritated by the smallest things. Skin irritation and dryness of still-developing baby skin can be caused by external or environmental factors, such as cold weather or even excessive rubbing when cleaning the baby’s skin. As a result, gentle cleansers and other products are needed to cleanse and protect baby skin barrier from further irritation.   


The Importance of Cleaning Followed By A Moisturizer For Babies

A study was able to show the effectiveness of improving the skin symptoms of babies by using a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin followed immediately by a moisturizer. The cleanser used in the test had a lower amount of soap content in comparison to regular cleansers commonly used for adults, making them gentler on the skin. The cleanser was also used with a pumping foam container that generated fine foam to reduce the irritation caused by rubbing the baby’s skin when cleansing. Moisturizing the baby immediately after cleansing was found to be just as important. The ceramide moisturizer (an ingredient known to have good moisturizing properties) was able to improve the dry skin of the babies.  This study demonstrates the importance of moisturization as an integral step in baby skin care.

Now you know, keeping a baby’s skin moisturized is important, which makes non-irritating products just as important too! This is why most of the baby products you see on the store shelves claim to be:


So...Can We Use Baby Products?

Sure! Especially those who have extremely sensitive skin or other skin symptoms such as eczema could give baby skin products a try. If you don’t have skin symptoms or unusually dry skin, it is still okay to try baby skin care products, because if the products are gentle enough for babies they should be just as gentle for adults. If you have a chance, stroll down the baby aisle in your local drugstore or supermarket and you may happen to find your next favorite “holy grail” skin care product!


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