DIY Natural Hand Sanitizers

Simple recipes for naturally clean hands

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Hand sanitizers are convenient to have on hand. Whether you are in highly populated areas, there is a lot of sickness going around, or if you simply need to freshen a surface up. 

While these are the common uses for sanitizers, it is good to remember that you can also use them for moldy areas or mold in the air, or to wipe down countertops or other surfaces that may need some antimicrobial assistance.

Conventional sanitizers can have other ingredients like artificial fragrances and other chemicals that you may not want to absorb through your skin.

Making your own with antibacterial essential oils is easy and try these recipes below:


Supplies Needed

  • 1, 2, or 4 oz spray bottle
  • Ethanol alcohol or vodka
  • Essential oil blend of your choice listed below
  • Distilled water


Hand Sanitizer Recipes

For a 1oz bottle

Pour 1 tsp of ethanol alcohol or vodka into a 1 oz spray bottle. Add one of the essential oil blends listed below and shake gently to distribute the essential oils into the alcohol. Then fill the bottle with distilled water, place the top on tightly and shake. Shake gently before each use.


Sanitizing essential oil blends options

  1. Sage 20 drops with Peppermint 5 drops
  2. Tea Tree 10 drops with Lavender 15 drops
  3. Tangerine 12 drops with Grapefruit 12 drops


Make a bigger bottle

For a 2 oz bottle, double the amount of essential oils.

For a 4 oz bottle, use 4 times the amount of essential oils.


Essential oils can cause an allergy in some people, and try a small amount on your skin before you start using it regularly.

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