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Skin Stories: How Should the Doctor Tell me B...

Breaking bad news to patients cane be inherently adverse. Here's some advice to doctors on delivering bad news to patients.

Alexis MeyerAugust 18th 2018
doctor breaking bad news to patients

Skin Story: Why It's Scary to See the Doctor

​​Being too scared to go to the doctor is more common than you may think. Learn how you can overcome doctor appointment anxiety.  

Alexis MeyerMay 13th 2018
scared while visiting doctor

Skin Story: Living with Acne

The best solutions for acne can be found by visiting a dermatologist. Read about this teenage acne experience and skin care advice for acne.

Alexis MeyerMay 13th 2018
asian man thinking outdoors about acne experience

Skin Story: A Personal Experience with Isotre...

Isotretinoin is commonly prescribed for acne. One college student shares her experience with isotretinoin for acne treatment.

Alexis MeyerApril 29th 2018
girl with clear skin wearing glasses resting on tree

Skin Story: Eyelash Extensions - Are They Wor...

Not familiar with eyelash extensions?  Here's some advice from one person's experience.  Whether you want full thick lashes or long full lashes.

Alexis MeyerFebruary 21st 2018
woman with eyelash extensions

Skin Story: Parenting a Child with Eczema

Parenting a child with eczema can cause extra stress and some depression. Baby eczema, toddler eczema, and child eczema can be easier to manage with correct information when looking for eczema treatment.

Alexis MeyerFebruary 18th 2018
Child with skin condition on face

Skin Story: An Experience with Keratosis Pila...

Keratosis Pilaris causes itchy bumps on your skin than can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Learn what it is like to experinece keratosis pilaris.

Alexis MeyerApril 24th 2017
Woman with arms at her side

Skin Story: Behind the Spot - My Experience w...

Cafe au lait are skin birthmarks. Hear one person's journey to come to terms with her Cafe au Lait birthmark and laser treatment removal.

Alexis MeyerApril 4th 2017
Woman outside with hair over her face